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9370 2943

Our Services

  • Replacement Keys
  • Auto Transponder & Electronic Keys
  • Restricted / Master Key Systems
  • Home Lock Security

Our commercial locksmiths stock an extensive range of locks to suit a range of domestic and commercial requirements.

  • Reliable and fast service anywhere across the metro area
  • A large range of window locks, patio bolts, deadlocks, locksets, digital locks and high security locks

Domestic & Commercial Locks

A1 Locksmiths can provide an extensive range of locks – Domestic and Commercial.

Our highly skilled commercial locksmiths in Perth have built a strong reputation for providing reliable and fast service anywhere across the metro area.

We can supply them here at our premises and key them alike to your existing key. Alternatively, our commercial locksmiths can install them for you at your home or office. This includes window locks, patio bolts, deadlocks, locksets, digital locks, high security locks etc.

Re-keying Service

We also provide a re-keying service for most insurance companies, for when your home has been broken into or your keys have been stolen. This is recommended by the police to prevent the perpetrator from re-entering your home. In most cases, we can bill the insurance company directly.

Re-keying is a cheaper way of securing your home if your locks are of good quality and condition. The locks are re-keyed to suit a new key, so the old key will no longer work in those locks. If you have many different keys to your home and would like to limit it to fewer keys, re-keying would also achieve this.

Window locks can be fitted to most types of windows. On some sliding windows, they can be fitted as vent locks. This enables your window to be locked open slightly, but not enough to allow someone to enter through it.

Masterkey System

For commercial properties, our locksmiths can provide a Masterkey System to suit your individual requirements and security.

We are available from both workshops, (we have locations in Morley and Osborne Park), and mobile 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for lock repairs across the Perth metropolitan area.

Simply call us today on 9370 2943.